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During the famine one of her own daughters died of starvation. As a poet she debuted at the age of 18 with the collection Evening Album, a tribute to her childhood. In he sent his Tsvetaeva archive to Moscow, and argued that Tsvetaeva created a "myth" out of online dating site reviews australian affair.

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Betrayed by the stepmother the King-Maiden tears her heart out of her chest. This thinly veiled work about the Russian Civil War was not published in full in the Soviet Union until Sometimes her essays were printed in a brutally cut form.

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Personal themes were developed further in "From the Seacoast," "Essay of the Room," and "The Staircase," all written in In Tsvetaeva emigrated with her family to Berlin, where she rejoined her husband, and then continued to Prague. Next year her husband was executed and her daughter was sent to a labor camp.

Another response to the Civil War was The Desmene of the Swans, which glorified those who fought against the communists.

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Her style could be aphoristic and poetic, she used paradoxes, provoking the reader to accompany her in the search of uncertain truths. To earn extra money, she also produced short stories, memoirs and critical articles. And no one did after her.

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