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Shortly after his arrival in LA he began studying martial arts informally at LA Valley College, there he was introduced to martial art acting, and stunts where he found himself training with world class athletes, one of which was Wayne Daglish, a fellow film maker and frequent collaborator.

Chris Jai showed promise, having a dating quizzes for creativity he taught himself piano, guitar, and midi music production. The film premiered in October on a wide 3D release by Paramount Pictures.

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Although the project was on hiatus fromChris later returned to provide voiceover work for several animation segments on the DVD. The film was financed by Lionsgate Films, and was released on 2, screens in the US in However, Chris' true performing arts love is voice-over and vocal music.

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Banks has reached international success with his party hosting since the age of I was lucky enough to come take some photos of their amazing family. Chris Boyd has spent the past ten years sharpening his skills as a developer working for companies large and small, including Continental Airlines, WordPress, Hearst Corporation, and Rice University. As he kept improving, lots of ideas kept popping into his head.

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