Channel 4 dating tortoise advertisements Channel 4 rings in the mating season with Arthur, the online-dating tortoise

Channel 4 dating tortoise advertisements

A 3D scan of the puppet head was re-built in CG, then using modelling tool ZBrush the original texture and bumps were re-applied.

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We had to carry out a number of tests and study footage to get it right. His exploits include a series of ill-feted dates and an epic night in a club before finding a match in a very unexpected place. This bizarre and dazzling environment is perfectly reflected in his images, featuring pampered dogs in curlers and hair clips.

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He was first sculpted out of modeling clay, standing a metre in length. This had massive light changes and lens flares, so we had to extract the light information from the HDRI and recreate an animated environment of the whole scene in 3D.

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The team shot a life-like tortoise puppet in camera. About Arthur Arthur was created by Asylum, a leading British model making and special effects company.

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Eventually we used an advanced facial rig in Maya to achieve the look we wanted. The Galapagos Tortoise is known to have long relationships with the same partner, often lasting over years.

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