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On the Properties of Things: He fulfilled this office for one or two terms and then moved to the Bohemia province, where he again fulfilled the post of provincial minister. A modern French translation appeared in Library Record, 9 Princeton, ; M.

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Bartholomaeus Anglicus Bartholomew Glanville, late 12th century, England - c. For a more extensive overview, see MeyerEinleitung, passim: Dominikanerkloster 14 book ff. Some copies of letters by and to him from this period one from 16 October about the right to hear confession, and a copy of a letter sent to him by Bonaventure in still survive.

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Actes du colloque de Mortagne-au-Perche, avriled. John camison premama online dating Trevisa's Translations of Bartholomaeus Anglicus: For more information on vernacularizations, and late medieval and modern editions of them, see Meyerand other works in the bibliography below.

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