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He also was a master guitar crafstman and innovator of advanced guitar design. Scientific placement of the pick-ups gave more brilliant highs and smoother lows.

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The Double Pick-Up carbon 14 dating dinosaurs had its own set of controls for Volume and tone. One of the more well-known Silvertone models is the Danelectro Silvertonemade in the early to mid s.

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Countless Professional Musicians had a Silvertone for their first electric, bass, or acoustic guitar. The guitar's case had a small built-in amplifier and the guitar itself had a very short-scale fret neck.

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White with brown edging, dark walnut with white inlaid edging, or honey walnut with white inliad edging. Hand Vibrato Model Danelectro's ingeniously simple design worked smoothly, positively, and accurately.

Baked body finish, lacquered neck finish. It is also available as a bass with the dolphin headstock.

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The Deluxe came in three distinct finishes: